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Owl Classes - Years 5 & 6



If you would like something to do on this cold snowy day then have a go at the following:


Go on Mathletics, you all have your passwords at home.


Design a different front cover for your favourite book.


Write a book review for your favourite book, persuading other children to read it.


Write a thank you letter to Cat Weatherill, which we can send off to her, thanking her for a fantastic storytelling session.


Year 6 - you could look through your SATs revision books - especially areas that you are not sure of.


Have great day in the snow.  Keep warm and we'll see you on Monday.

Remarkable Rainforests

Remarkable Rainforests 1

Happy New Year from all of the Owl classes.


This term we will be trecking off in search of remarkable rainforests.  We will be finding out what life is like in the rainforests, what might live there and what the weather is like.  Paul Carpenter, a rainforest expert, will be in to talk to all the classes on the 26th January.  He will show photos of his expeditions and bring in a range of creepy crawlies!!  Keep an eye out on this page for photos about our theme. 


Welcome to the Owl's Page.

Our theme for this term is Stargazers which is all about Space.


We are going to be journeying into space and finding out about our amazing solar system.  Science will be the basis for our theme and we will be having a go at modelling the eight planets and trying to understand the scale of our immense solar system.  Research will extend our knowledge and help us with our non-fiction writing.We will also be completing lots of Art and D&T tasks so look at our individual class pages and you might spot some amazing Artwork and lots of fabulous learning taking place. So 5, 4, 3,. 2, 1...BLAST OFF into the mighty universe.