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St. David's C of E Primary School

enquiring minds, caring hearts, creative hands

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  • 01608 650521
  • St. David's C of E Primary School, East Street, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, GL56 0LQ

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Warwick Castle

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Welcome to the New Year and the start of a new term!

Our main topic for the next two terms is called ‘Did Dragons exist?’ We will share a range of fairy tales, traditional tales and non-fiction texts to broaden our knowledge and understanding of dragons, castles, knights, princesses and history. Our enquiry may lead us to think about the different parts of a castle; real and imagined knights; princesses and princes and about real life ‘dragons’ and their habitats.  The topic should fire our imaginations.

We will revisit 2D and 3D shapes and investigate their properties; we will be shape detectives finding shapes in our environment. Now that we are more familiar with the value of different numbers we can introduce subtraction – we may have some pesky pirates come and take some of our things away!  We don’t want to forget about addition so we will keep practicing adding things altogether. 


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We are hoping that the weather will become colder so that we can explore and learn about snow and the winter season. We will investigate how ice is formed and why it melts and we will create wintery worlds. Our Woodland Adventures will provide us the perfect opportunity to explore how animals, birds and humans adapt to colder weather.  This will provide a stepping stone for us to identify the differences between fiction and non-fiction texts and access information on-line about our topic.

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We will be looking at different celebrations this term.  Ben Monkey will be having his birthday party so we will need to get everything ready. Writing lists, making cards, designing cakes and decorating. Mr Wookey will be coming to teach us about a celebration called a Baptism. We have aready celebrated Diwali with our special visitor. Finally, we will be getting ready for our christmas celebrations. 


Now that we have learnt so many phonic sounds we will be working hard to blend them together to read words. We will be using our knowledge of numbers to ten to do sone practical addition. We will also be exploring shiny and dull objects in our environment and making some Christmas wrapping paper patterns. 


WOW what a busy term! 

Diwali Day

We had a special visitor come into school she taught us all about Diwali. During our celebration day we made diwa lamps, rangoli patterns, heard the story of Rama and Sita and did some traditional stick dancing. 

Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down!

We went on a walk around school and notised that all of the leaves were changing colour. We needed to find out why! So we looked in books, on the computer and asked some experts.  We also looked at what happens to animals when the weather changes. 



We are so looking forward to the term ahead.  Starting school should be fun so this term we will be making new friends, thinking about how we treat our friends and learning how to take care of our classroom.  We will be learning to listen and pay attention during activities — which can be very tricky!  

We will be building on our knowledge of ourselves, talking about our families and sharing what is special about each one of us.  


Our Value this term is Truthfulness. Proverbs 12:22 'The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy.' Enquiring minds, caring hearts, creatibe hands