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St. David's C of E Primary School

enquiring minds, caring hearts, creative hands

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  • 01608 650521
  • St. David's C of E Primary School, East Street, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, GL56 0LQ


Phoneme – is the smallest unit of sound.

Grapheme – is a written symbol that represents a sound (phoneme). This can be a single letter, or could be a sequence of letters, such as ai or igh.

Digraph – is a grapheme containing 2 letters which make one sound.  For example – sh, ch, th.

Trigraph – is a grapheme containing 3 letters which make one sound.  For example – ear, igh, air.

Split digraph – is 2 letters that make one sound but they have been split up by a letter in between them. For example  a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e, u-e.

Blending – saying the sound (phoneme) for each letter (grapheme) in a word and blending the sounds together to read the word.  The children could blend these sounds out load or silently (in their head). 

Segmenting – hearing a spoken word and splitting it into the sounds (phonemes) that make up that word.

Tricky Words – some words cannot be sounded out (segmented) or spelt correctly by listening to the sounds (phonemes) in them.  These have to be learnt and remembered as whole words.

Alien Words – or ‘Nonsense Words’ are words which are not real.  By regularly looking at these kinds of words the children acquire a growing confidence in their ability to decode unfamiliar text.


'Enquiring minds, caring hearts, creative hands' Our mission focus for this term is ‘Enquiring Minds’