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St. David's C of E Primary School

enquiring minds, caring hearts, creative hands

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  • 01608 650521
  • St. David's C of E Primary School, East Street, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, GL56 0LQ


Welcome to Scops Class

Teacher: Mrs A Saunders

Teaching Assistant: Mrs T Milne, Mrs T Martin

PPA Cover: Mr J Rhys

Year 5 trip to Old Farm

Our theme for term 6 is 'Allotment'

We will visit a local allotment site to observe what the local community members are growing and how the land is used.  We will look at food production in the UK and around the world and get involved in some hands on growing ourselves by developing our school allotment.  As well as making decisions about what veg' to grow we can also be inspired by our class book 'The Secret Garden' and grow fruit and flowers too.  Let's hope the weather is kind as we will be spending plenty of time outdoors!

Year 5 bell boating regatta

Our theme for term 5 was 'Blood Heart'

Term 5: In this theme we explored the human circulatory system and asked what it would take to keep a human healthy?  How our circulatory systems compared to other animals?  We went on a journey to find out just how amazing we really are!

Human circulatory system

Our theme for term four was Gallery Rebels.

Colours collide, melting together on the canvas: an impression of light, a rage of red, a lobster perched on a telephone... Come and find out about the bizarre and ecentric minds of the gallery rebels!

Art can be an act of rebellion.  Can you change the world with a paintbrush, a thought or an idea?


We will be travelling through history looking at a range of artists from Van Gogh to Andy Warhol and everything in between.  Using Van Gogh's Starry, Starry Night we will step into the picture and imagine ourselves in a different world.  Come and join the adventure and become a gallery rebel.


Van Gogh's Starry, Starry Night

Mrs Nieman came in to run a workshop on pop art; we created our own Campbell's soup can labels and turned them into pencil pots for our desks.

Our Campbell's Soup Cans

Our Theme for Term Three was 'Remarkable Rainforests'

The Amazon Rainforest

This term we are learning all about the rainforests around the world but with a particular focus on the Amazon.  We will discover just what the rainforest is like, who lives there and what is so special about the plants and animals inhabiting it too. 

In science we will learn about the lifecycles of animals and plants and how they adapt to their habitats.  We will revisit the water cycle and discover why the Amazon is called the lungs of the world.

Individual Podcasts by Scops Class

Subject of podcast: Personal topic of interest

Building Dens by MN.wav


Our theme for term two was: Elegant Elizabethans

Here we  looked at the reign of Elizabeth I: where she came in the Tudor dynasty; how she got to be Queen,;the explorers during her reign; the discovery of the New World and a little about Shakespeare.




Our topic for term one was Stargazers;

Journey through space, the final frontier... Navigate beyond the sun, the magnificent, blazing star at the centre of our solar system!

Investigate the eight planets-Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.  Take a look at the Moon, a celestial body that orbits Earth.

Programme a 'rover' to traverse a lunar landscape and work scientifically to investigate gravity... and what happens when there is none!  Compare the time of day at different places on the Earth and use GPS satellite navigation systems to track hidden treasure!  Get in a spin, making simple models of the solar system and listen to the haunting sounds of space-themed songs.

Then it's three, two, one...BLAST OFF!  Build and launch a rocket for an important test mission.

Exploring space is probably the greatest adventure that humankind has ever undertaken.  Are we alone or are there other forms of life out there?

Our Space Morning:

we spent the morning investigating different aspects of space.  We found out how gravity is different on the other planets in our solar system and we discovered what it is like to be an astronaut.

Space dome podcast by Olivia, Ella, Gracie & Casey

Space dome Podcast by Sam, Issac & Fraser

Super Lunar Eclipse Podcast


Enquiring minds, caring hearts, creative hands