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St. David's C of E Primary School

enquiring minds, caring hearts, creative hands

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  • 01608 650521
  • St. David's C of E Primary School, East Street, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, GL56 0LQ


Can we explore it?

At the beginning of the term we are looking forward to meeting some real super heroes. This term we will be writing lots of letters to different super heroes. There may be different mathematical problems to solve and many amazing items that will need to be added together. Adventure awaits...

How does that building stay up?

We will use our knowledge of our own homes and buildings in our local environment to start learning about building structures.  We will explore the properties of different materials and how to use them best in our work.  We will need to write lists, make maps and write letters to find information.  

Building will help us use all of our mathematical skills.  We will need to recognise numbers on the tape measures, weigh products and measure to see which items are longer, taller or shorter.  We will continue our focus on addition and subtraction.  

The three little pigs might come and pay us a visit.



This term we will continue our theme

Do Dragons Exist?

We will start to learn our new traditional tale - Jack and the Beanstalk.  We will be making story maps and now that we are starting to do loads of writing we will be able to write some words, captions and even sentences about Jack's adventures.  When reading we are going to focus on finding those tricky words, diagraphs and trigraphs. 


Now that we have started adding - we can't be stopped! We are adding everything we see and practicing using all of that difficult language (add, plus, equals, same, more, less and all together).


We look forward to another exciting term.


Welcome to the New Year and the start of a new term! Our main topic for the next two terms is called..

Do Dragons Exist?

We will share a range of fairy tales, traditional tales and non-fiction texts to broaden our knowledge and understanding of dragons, castles, knights, princesses and history. Our enquiry may lead us to think about the different parts of a castle; real and imagined knights; princesses and princes and about real life ‘dragons’ and their habitats.  The topic should fire our imaginations.

Our new topic is...

Ben Monkey's Party - 26/11/2015
We have celebrated Diwali.  Diwali is a festival of lights so we made diwa lamps, rangoli patterns, dressed in traditional clothes and tasted some traditional food.

Why do leaves go crispy?

We tasted different Autumn fruit and vegetables. Plums were the most popular fruit in our class.

We have been watching the weather changing and this term we will be continuing to look at the changes in Autumn.  Different colours, sounds and even smells to discover.

We are excited to learn more sounds and try to blend them together to start reading words without help.  

We are starting to recognise the numbers to 10.  Now we can learn the numbers all the way to 20!


When Autumn starts to turn into Winter we will start our new topic...

Sparkle and Shine






We have already learnt our first Phonemes:


s    a     t     p     i    n

With these sounds we have been reading words like:

sit              tip          sat           tap            in                it           is                and many more.


There are lots of online resources you can access from home to help practice your phonemes.



Number work


We have been counting, looking at shapes and finding out if we are taller or shorter than things around school.  We have also been visiting Ten Town where we have finding out what the numbers look like. 

We are so looking forward to the term ahead.  Starting school should be fun so this term we will be making new friends, thinking about how we treat our friends and learning how to take care of our classroom.  We will be learning to listen and pay attention during activities — which can be very tricky!  

We will be building on our knowledge of ourselves, talking about our families and sharing what is special about each one of us.  



Enquiring minds, caring hearts, creative hands